Bronze Water Pipe

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Color: Bronze
Material: resin + metal
Function: filter tobacco tar, reduce the harm of tar and nicotine on human body
Product size: 13*8*6cm
Packing size: 17*12*6cm
Weight (with packing): 95g
Accessories: 1*snuff bottle, 1*smoke cup, 1*holder, 4* sealing rings

1) this product chooses environmental non-toxic materials
2) this product is suitable for all kinds of cigarettes and all kinds of tobacco
3) this product can be greatly filtering of tobacco tar, reducing tar and nicotine in the harm to human body
4) method of use; Open the lid on water pipes to the water kettle in general
5) the product is novel and practical structure reasonable smoke small resistance is convenient to use
good transition effect is the best choice for smokers

Packing includes:
1 * Hookah Smoking Pipe

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